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Vacs, Vending & More

World's Best Vacuums and Shampooers from Fragramatics!



  • Select-A-Vac, 2 & 3 motor high power vacs
  • Shampoo/Spot Remover Vacs
  • Carpet Mat Holders for easier cleaning
  • Lit awnings
  • Spacious stalls
  • Accepts Loonies, Toonies, Quarters and Tokens

Click here for our instructions for cleaning the interior of your car!

Fragrance Machine

For your car's interior, the fragrance machine can dispenses aerated deodorizer (Febreze Auto) or fragrance with either a Pina-Colada or New Car smell.

Key Benefits & Instructions

  • Febreze Auto is specially designed for use on fabric surfaces of your car interiors. Its unique formula contains low levels of scent, making it perfect to use in your trunk, on infant seats, car seats, and floor mats.  Instructions: Select Fabreze, insert coin and spray directly on fabric surfaces (not for leather or vinyl).
  • Fragrances (Pena-Colada or New Car).  Adds a fresh scent to you car's interior.  Instructions: Place gun under front seat, select pena-colada or New-Car, insert coin, spray onto carpet.

Our vending machine is stocked full of car cleaning products from names such as Maguire's, Mothers & Armor All.

Windshield Washer Fluid Dispenser

Our new machine is used to pump windshield washer fluid directly into your car’s reservoir without having to use a standard plastic “jug”.  So you only pay for what you use ($2 minimum).

This machine eliminates several problems associated with the current method of filling your car with this necessary fluid.  No more spilling fluid all over the inside of your engine compartment, no more half-full jugs left rolling around in your trunk, and best of all, no more jugs to go into landfills. 


Air Dispenser Machine

Unlike most air machines available at most gas bars, our machine is connected to a real compressor!  So filling even the biggest of truck tires is done quickly!

We also remove water from the air that is typically created in the compressor, so only air is pumped into your tires, giving you a smoother and safer ride.