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[New!]Wally Wash Introduces  the 'SEASON PASS'.  Just in time for the holidays, you can now purchase a three month Season Pass.  Available for the Touchless Automatic or Self-Serve Bays, "the Season Pass offers substantial savings along with giving our customers a convenient way to keep their vehicles clean and salt-free during the harsh winter months!"  Wally Wash has worked closely with our equipment vendors to be the 1st carwash in Canada to offer a Self-Serve option to a subscription model.  Now that's innovation!   December 12, 2013

Wally Wash Introduces Simoniz VisonClear Complete Surface Protectant on our Top $13 Wash.  June 18th, 2013

Wally Wash is happy to announce that it has added Simoniz VisionClear to our top Touchless Wash, now named 'Ultimate'

Simoniz Vision Clear is a silicone-containing product that forms a molecular film for your windshield and seals the microscopic pores. This repels rain, sleet, and snow and causes the water droplets to bead up, allowing the windshear to blow them away as you drive, giving you better vision and making your driving experience a safer one.


Wally Wash Introduces a Purified Water Refill Station. December 13, 2013.   Wally Wash has recently installed a Purified Water refill machine.  For a limited time only, refill your 18.9 Liter (5 Gal) containers for only $2!

Wally Wash Introduces 'Underbody SALT REMOVER' in our Touchless Automatic.  Dec 15th 2012.   Included in our 'The Works' and 'The Works with rain-X' washes, SALT REMOVER is applied to the underbody of the vehicle.  This specially formulated detergent helps remove salt to prevent its corrosive effects.  Wally Wash is the only carwash in Ontario to offer 'SALT REMOVER' in a Touchless Automatic environment!

Wally Wash offers prepaid skate sharpening package.  Five sharpenings for $20

Wally Wash Introduces rain-X Complete Surface Protectant a Self-Serve Bay Option. Oct 13, 2010. Now you can get the safety and protection of RainX applied in the in the Self-Service bays.

  • Beads and repels water - better visibility, safer driving in poor weather
  • Protects all surfaces - helps prevent rust, maintains vehicle's value
  • Bonds and cures on vehicle surface - provides longer lasting protection
  • Levels minor surface irregularities - adds high gloss shine


Wally Wash Introduces Credit Card Acceptance and Expands VIP Wash program in Self-Serve Bays and Pet Wash. July 1st, 2010. We have just completed installation of credit and VIP card terminals in all bays and Pet Washes.  Now customers can pay for their wash with Visa, Mastercard or American Express directly.  This new feature allows our customers to pay for the exact amount used ($2 minimum, $5 for Petwash) at the same coin rate.  No more fiddling with coins and having the right amount to complete the wash.  Just swipe & wash!

Wally Wash Introduces a Windshield Washer Fluid Dispenser. Oct 28th, 2009. Our new machine is used to pump windshield washer fluid directly into your car’s reservoir without having to use a standard plastic “jug” and you only pay for what you use ($2 minimum).  This machine eliminates several problems associated with the current method of filling your car with this necessary fluid.  No more spilling fluid all over the inside of your engine compartment, no more half-full jugs left rolling around in your trunk, and best of all, no more jugs into landfills. 

Wally Wash Introduces Pet Fragrances as a new option in the Pet Wash! April 6th, 2009. Wally Wash recently installed pet fragrance machines for both stalls.  Now customers can complete their pet wash experience by giving their pets a fresh, fragrant scent.  Scents available are Soothing Oatmeal, Tropical Mango or Healing Aloe.  "We now have the complete pet washing service, our customers can now remove pet odor with out Stink Buster option to effectively remove existing odor, then shampoo & condition their pets coat and now apply a light scent with our new fragrance machine!"

Wally Wash Pet Wash to be features on Animal Planet & CTV!  An upcoming episode of Animal Planet's show Breeder of the Pack was filmed at Wally Wash and will air in Saturday, October 18 at 2:30 pm ET.

Wally Wash introduces a fourth wash option "The Works with Rain-X". Oct 31st 2007, Wally Wash introduces Rain-X Total Surface Protectant to the Laser Touchless Automatic as part of a new 4th wash  option "The Works with Rain-X" for $13.  Rain-X is a long lasting total-surface protectant with the following features

Wally Wash introduces Spot-Free Rinse in the Automatic.   Oct 30th 2007,Wally Wash recently received delivery of a Reverse Osmosis Machine to provide de-mineralized water for the purpose of providing a Spot-Free Final rinse to all touch-less automatic washes.  Wally Wash is the first automatic in Eastern-Ontario to offer this feature.  Customers will now find blow drying quicker and more effective, with left-over water completely spot free!

New Feature in the Pet Wash.  Stink Buster pet deodorizer is now featured in our petwash.  Stink Buster safely controls and contains all odors associated with your pet.  Product attaches itself to odor for effective encapsulation and neutralization of the odor.  Product is non-toxic and biodegradable

Pet Wash Now Air-Conditioned!  For your comfort, Wally Wash now air-conditions the dual pet wash room!

Wally Wash Sponsors Automotion Car Show and Poker Run

Wally Wash is please to sponsor the 2007 Thousand Island Street Machine Association's Automotion Poker Run and Car Show.  For more info, visit their website at http://www.tisma.ca/

RBC Installs ATM Machine in Self-Serve Building!

April 15th 2007.  Wally Wash in cooperation with The Royal Bank of Canada has installed an ATM machine in the former Pet wash room to provide all customers access to a public bank machine in the Big Box shopping area.  "Since we are prohibited from installing Interac terminals on unattended equipment, our customers now have the ability to withdraw funds directly from their accounts in order to pay for services.  This is a great benefit to all our customers"  Michael Frere

Wally Wash Opens Its Second Pet Wash!

March 20th 2007, Wally Wash is pleased to announce the opening of it's second pet wash tub.

Wally Wash Opens Its New Laser M5 Touchless Automatic!

March 8th 2007, Wally Wash is pleased to announce the opening of it's new stand-alone Automatic, featuring PDQ's industry best Laser M5 Touchless machine with Gatlin Guns, and 40HP of blow-drying power!  Able to wash large vehicles such as Stretch Limos and Dually Full Size/Extended Pickups and SUVs.  Especially for our Automatic customers, we have also installed a Four-Function Vac at the automatic exit.  This machine can be used as a powerful wet/dry vac, Shampoo and Spot Remover and Three Selection Fragrance Machine.

 Wally Wash Introduces SALT REMOVER Self-Serve Option

Nov 16th, 2006, Wally Wash introduces SALT REMOVER self serve option that cleans/protects your vehicles surface from the corrosive effects of salt.

SALT REMOVER replaces BUG REMOVER in Winter months.

 Wally Wash Introduces Three New Self-Serve Options

For the summer of 2006, Wally Wash introduces BUG OFF bug & tar remover, CLEAR-COAT PROTECTANT with Teflon and the AIR-SHAMMEE air dryer system. 

 Fragrance machine now offers the Febreze Auto!

Now available from the Fragrance machine from April to November.  See our Detail Area pagefor more info.

 Adds the Pet-Vac Option!

To enhance your pet washing experience, we have added the Pet-Vac water and hair extractor in our Pet-Wash.  For details see our Pet-Wash page for more info.