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Purified Water

Wally Wash Purified Water Refill Station

Refill your own water containers at Wally Wash and save!

Our high quality machine ensures clean tasting pure water through our four step filtration process.

Step One: 5 micron filter to remove fine sediment from City of Brockville potable tap water source.

Step Two: Comprehensive removal of chemicals that contribute to taste and odor, along with high VOC (Volatile Organic Chemical) reduction.

Step Three: Reverse Osmosis membrane filter to remove all dissolved solids.  City of Brockville water contains approximately 200 parts per million of dissolved solids such as sodium, calcium, nitrates, etc).

Step Four: Final Carbon Filtration and Ultraviolet Post Disinfection.  UV is a non-chemical method of disinfection that kills all known spoilage microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, yeasts and moulds (and their spores).


Refill your 18.9 Litre (5 Gallon) container for $2 for a limited time only!